1. Authorship Limits:

    • Each article can have a maximum of three authors.
    • The same author(s) cannot publish continuously in the same or two consecutive issues.
    • The first author of a manuscript cannot publish as the first author again in the same issue or the subsequent issue.
    • The first author can appear as the second or third author in the same issue and the next issue.
    • An author can appear only twice in a single issue: once as the first author and once as a second or third author.
    • An author cannot appear in any capacity in the immediate next issue after being published twice in a single issue.
    • If an author appears as the first author in one issue, they cannot appear as the first author again in the same issue or the subsequent issue.
    • Similarly, if an author appears as the second author in one issue, they cannot appear as the second author again in the same issue or the subsequent issue.

2. Author Contribution Statements 

For all manuscripts submitted to XIJIR, author contribution statements must be included when there are two or more authors. This policy is to acknowledge each author's contribution to the work.

Policy Guidelines:

  1. Location in Manuscript: The Author Contribution Statement should be at the end of the manuscript, before the Reference section.
  2. Mandatory Inclusion: Manuscripts with two or more authors must include this statement. Single-author manuscripts may omit this section.
  3. Section Heading: The section should be labeled “Author Contributions”.
  4. Format: List each author's contributions clearly and concisely. Contributions can be listed using the initials or full names of the authors, followed by their contributions. Example: Author Contributions:
    • J.D.: Conceptualization, Methodology, Writing – Original Draft
    • A.B.: Data Collection, Analysis
    • C.R.: Writing – Review & Editing, Supervision
  5. Review and Approval: All authors must review and approve the Author Contribution Statement to ensure accuracy. The corresponding author is responsible for obtaining approval from all co-authors.
  6. Modification Post-Submission: Any modification to the Author Contribution Statement after submission requires agreement by all authors.

Failure to include an Author Contribution Statement in multi-author manuscripts will result in the manuscript being returned for revision. Manuscripts will not proceed to review until this requirement is met.

For clarification or further information regarding this policy, authors should contact the editorial office of XIJIR.