Xpertno International Journal of Interdisciplinary Research

1. Introduction: The "Xpertno International Journal of Interdisciplinary Research" is committed to ensuring the academic and scientific rigor of all published articles. Our peer review process is instrumental in maintaining the high standards of our journal.

2. Double-Blind Peer Review: We employ a double-blind review process, which means: a) The authors are unaware of the identity of the reviewers. b) The reviewers are unaware of the identity of the authors.

3. Expected Timeline: Upon submission, manuscripts are initially screened for completeness and adherence to our guidelines. Once cleared, they enter the peer review phase. We aim to complete the review process within 10-20 days. However, exceptions might occur due to unforeseen circumstances. The authors will be kept informed about any delays.

4. Criteria for Reviewer Selection: Reviewers are chosen based on the following criteria:

a) Expertise: Reviewers should have a proven track record in the manuscript's subject or related areas.

b) Publication History: A history of publications in reputable journals in the relevant field.

c) Independence: Avoidance of any potential conflicts of interest with the authors.

d) Professional Standing: Preference for senior researchers, though early-career researchers with significant contributions might also be considered.

e) Diversity: Efforts will be made to ensure diversity in terms of gender, geography, and institutional affiliations.

5. Reviewer Responsibilities: a) Provide a thorough, constructive, and unbiased evaluation of the manuscript promptly.

b) Assess the manuscript's originality, methodological rigor, significance, and clarity.

c) Maintain the confidentiality of the manuscript.

d) Declare any potential conflicts of interest.

6. Decision Categories: Based on the reviewers' recommendations, the editorial team will classify manuscripts into one of the following categories: a) Accept Without Revisions: The manuscript meets all criteria and can be published as is. b) Minor Revisions Needed: The manuscript will be accepted after minor changes. c) Major Revisions Needed: The manuscript has potential but requires significant changes. d) Reject: The manuscript does not meet the journal's standards or is not suitable for the journal.

7. Appeals: If authors disagree with the editorial decision, they have the right to appeal. The appeal should be based on academic or scientific reasons. The editorial team will consider the appeal and may seek input from the reviewers or other experts as needed.

8. Confidentiality: All manuscripts received for review are confidential documents. They must not be shared or discussed with others unless authorized by the editorial team.

9. Continuous Improvement: The "Xpertno International Journal of Interdisciplinary Research" continuously refines its peer review process to align with best practices and the evolving needs of the academic community.