Situated at the forefront of academic exploration, the "Xpertno International Journal of Interdisciplinary Research" is a distinguished open-access publication that releases issues tri-annually. Employs a rigorous double-blind peer-review system to ensure integrity and impartiality in its processes. This journal is rooted in the belief that the future of research is inherently interdisciplinary and that the most transformative insights emerge within the convergence of diverse fields. (Read more

We are pleased to announce the addition of a Book Review section to our journal, commencing with Volume 1, Issue 2, starting January 1, 2024. We invite submissions of review articles for both academic and literary writing books that offer insightful and critical perspectives. (Read more:

At its core, the "Xpertno International Journal of Interdisciplinary Research" is more than just a publication; it's a movement, a dialogue, and a commitment to the belief that knowledge should be shared, boundaries should be transcended, and the future of research is collaborative.


Our journal welcomes contributions from a vast spectrum of fields, including but not limited to Interdisciplinary Studies, Language and Linguistics, Literature, Philosophy, Islamic Studies, World Religions, Psychology, Economics, Sociology, Agriculture, Education, Anthropology, Archaeology, History, Geography, and more. The most profound insights often emerge from the confluence of diverse disciplines, and we seek to champion this intersectionality in academic and professional dialogue.


  • To promote Interdisciplinary Research
  • To ensure the accessibility of high-quality research to a global audience without any paywalls.
  • To maintain a transparent and minimal fee structure for contributors and ensure financial barriers do not deter potential authors.
  • To uphold academic rigor
  • To engage a diverse audience
  • To highlight emerging research and trends
  • To support early-career researchers
  • To foster a global community
  • To educate and inform

Publication Types:

Research Article\Paper

Thesis/Dissertation Abstract

Book Review Articles

Shorter Communications (Soon)

Accessibility and Affordability

In an era where access to knowledge is increasingly commodified, the "Xpertno International Journal of Interdisciplinary Research" takes a stand against prohibitive publication costs. We are committed to being an open journal, ensuring quality research is freely accessible to all.


While our primary contributors are researchers and professionals from various fields, we recognize the value of inclusivity. We invite students to contribute their unique perspectives and encourage the general public to engage with our content, fostering a holistic ecosystem of lifelong learners and curious minds.

Vol. 1 No. 2 (2024): Xpertno International Journal of Interdisciplinary Research

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