Conflict of Interest Policy: The "Xpertno International Journal of Interdisciplinary Research" recognizes the importance of transparency in maintaining the integrity of the research process. Authors, reviewers, and editors are required to declare any relationships or engagements that could introduce bias or perceived bias into the publication process. This includes, but is not limited to, financial ties, direct or indirect affiliations, or any other personal or professional relationships with entities that might be relevant to a submitted manuscript. Declared conflicts do not necessarily preclude publication or involvement in the review process, but they must be explicitly stated to ensure transparency.

Ethical Approval of Studies Policy: All research articles submitted to the "Xpertno International Journal of Interdisciplinary Research" that involve human participants, animals, or potentially sensitive datasets must have received ethical approval from appropriate oversight bodies. Authors should clearly indicate this approval in their manuscripts, providing relevant details such as the name of the ethics committee and reference number. In situations where the ethical landscape might be ambiguous, authors should provide a robust justification for their approach, ensuring that the dignity, rights, safety, and well-being of all participants or subjects have been the primary consideration.